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Ms. Smith Topic Class: Bullying

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Words have power. It’s like a sword. It cuts. It wounds. However, words can also heal. You need to distinguish what is true and what’s a lie,” she stated. “The fewer bullies we have, the more peace there will be. If everyone could get along with each other, this would be a better place, right? How can we make a change?”

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Misty Penwork

Born in the Queens County and raised as a Long Island native, Tawana Charles, better known by her pen name, Misty Penwork is the author of four novels. With a passion for education and writing, Misty looks to share her love of storytellling with both adult and children everywhere.

Other Books

The Motivational Speaker

An inspiration collection of poems consisting of important topics sure to motivate and engage readers.

Dear Zane

Zane, the mystery behind the letters. Naveah’s life is detailed in a detailed and intriguing way.

Dear Zane: Restoration

Naveah is a successful screenwriter, mother, and friend to those who need her, but she felt more alone in a path she wasn’t ready for.


Success is a journey. It happens over time through work and dedication.

– misty penwork

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Dear Zane 3

Adult Fiction

Naveah returns in this third installment of the Zane series. After falling in love and regaining her life, her past creeps back in the most unanticipated way. Launching summer of 2019, you can pre-order your copy today.

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