A good friend tells you the truth, whether it hurts or not. A true friend lets you know when you’re right and when you’re wrong. Danica Montgomery was Karolyn’s friend. Karolyn was in the waiting room with Danica while they waited for the doctors to give them the results of Gary’s accident.

Three hours earlier, Karolyn and Gary attended a press conference outdoor, that was going to introduce a community project that would guarantee new jobs for local residents; something that Karolyn advised would be great PR for Gary’s company.  Owner of Gary Ford Estates, where Gary is a real estate investment broker, Gary advised and partnered with eight-figure brokers across America, selling and negotiating deals with a commercial property; also offering abundant information to prospective buyers.

Gary was great at what he did. But he wasn’t prepared to present a speech that was sprung upon him minutes before the presentation. The community wasn’t too happy with the project. Though it was predicted to provide jobs, the tax was going to rise, especially with districts using taxpayers’ means to buy brand new computers and more funding towards school’s activity.

As Gary presented his speech in front of thousands of local residents, a bomb exploded right behind him, which he and a few construction site workers were a victim of. A panic crowd scattered the site to safety. Karolyn ran as well, leaving helpless Gary in the hands of a helpful civilian.

In the hospital, Danica drank her water bottle, impatiently. She looked at Karolyn, who felt guilty and remorseful, pacing up and down, waiting for answers. All she knew was that Gary was alive and that he was being tested.

Karolyn bit her nails anxiously, which Danica found disgusted. “Stop it!” Danica whispered.

Karolyn turned and looked at her. “What do you mean? I am worried. This is what I do when I am nervous.”

Sarcastically, “Now you’re worried. After you left him.” Danica chirped, disappointed. Danica received a call from Karolyn to pick her up. Danica found Karolyn five miles away from the explosion site, where Karolyn ordered her to drive to the nearest hospital.

“I was scared. I panicked. What would you have done?” Karolyn responded.

Danica looked at her with disgust. “Uh, not what you did. You left the poor man to die on that podium. If I was not mistaken, this was your project that he funded and invested in. What were you going to do? Take the money and run?”

Through grilled teeth, “What kind of girl do you think I am?” she asked angrily.

“A cheater!” Danica responded as if it was an obvious answer.

Karolyn mouth dropped. “How am I a cheater?”

Danica smirked. “You took another woman’s man. You infiltrated the poor man’s mind to think you are a savior trying to save the community. You made yourself a victim of lies and scandals. Oh…you took another woman’s man,” she repeated.

Karolyn scuffed. “How many times are you going to say that?”

“Until you realize what you did was wrong.”

“I love him?”

“Now you need to understand the difference between love and lust. You never loved the man. You used the man. You loved the money. He was a bonus. You’re nothing but a snake; slithering her way into the vault and the key was him.

“You played the game. You seduced him by warms words and skanky clothes. You planned out your agenda, studying his friends, his schedule, his way of life. You were bold but dumb.”

Feeling betrayed, Karolyn shook her head. “When I told you all of this, you didn’t think so then. You hoped it would work?”

Danica rolled her eyes. “Woman like you have no dignity whatsoever. You parade with this cockiness as if you are something when really you are a low life peasant. You don’t respect yourself or anyone else. You are cold as ice. You want what you want, and you don’t care who toes you step on. As long as you benefit from others’ woes, you’re satisfied. Do you know what they called those type of people? Greedy!

“You were driven by money. Nothing more. You don’t care about that man’s life, no more than you care about this conversation. If he died, you think you’ll get insured cash? Dude is still legally married to his wife who you’re still competing with.

“You had it all planned out, huh?  Did you plan on failure or do you have a plan B?” Danica asked, getting closer to her face. “Oh, you thought you could run away with another woman’s man and live happily ever after? Karma is real, trick. This man sacrificed his real love to be with a skank. But are you really worth it? Because the woman I see standing here deserve what she didn’t see coming.

“You weren’t educated about your worth. So, let me give you a lesson. You deprived yourself of true happiness because you chased wealth. You set aside morals and ethics, which are to respect others and to be better than what society throws at us. Look what chasing money did to you; leave you with an injured man that may possibly die. All for what? So, you could live the good life?

“You got a construction site that is damaged, which will probably take him months or probably years to rebuild. It’s possible that during that duration, you may have to nourish him back to health. Are you ready for all of that? Do you have his back?”

A doctor interrupted their conversation to explain Gary’s condition. Karolyn held back her tears.

“I am Dr. Jay. I am the neurosurgeon,” she introduced. “We had to operate quickly on Mr. Ford who suffered third degree burns, which affected his spinal cords, possibly from the nasty fall caused in the explosion. He was too close to the construction site. But he survived. Surgery went well, but there are some complications.

“As you may not know, the spinal cord coordinates the body’s movement and sensation. So, an injured cord loses the ability to send and receive messages from the brain to the body’s systems that control sensory, motor, and autonomic function, which led to a temporary paralysis.” Her pager beeped. She looked at it. “I will brief you in so more, but there’s an emergency. I’ll let you know when you can see him. Sorry,” she concluded, leaving Danica and Karolyn to talk.

Karolyn became frustrated. She looked at Danica, looking for compassion and sympathy as tears dripped from her eyes.

Danica coughed. “You’re looking at me like I am some friend that is stabbing you in the back, but in all honesty, I am speaking the truth. You don’t deserve him, and you’re not worth being deserved. You’re just the side chick. You’re only worth is coming in second. You’re valued at two, which technically converts to being last place. You did all of this, to still come up short. Sad!”